CLIENT FOCUS: How Tilting Point helped SIEGE: Titan Wars become one of most successful mobile releas

Tilting Point, a next-generation games partner for top independent studios worldwide, recently published SIEGE: Titan Wars for iOS and Android. The game was developed by Missouri-based company Simutronics. In its first week after launch, the game enjoyed the top featured slot on the Apple App Store and was downloaded by more than 1,000,000 players so far.

Like its name suggests, Tilting Point creates the crucial moment at which a value chain shifts in favor of content creators. Since 2014, the company has published 14 games, including Leo’s Fortune, which won the coveted Apple Design award in 2014. SIEGE: Titan Wars joins a growing catalogue of successful games published by Titling Point, including Languinis, a game of quirky word puzzles, and Photo Finish, one of the few games about horse racing.

The launch of SIEGE: Titan Wars is a testament to what the company’s way of doing business offers developers. Titling Point is made up of people who love games, and so its process begins with the games themselves: is the action gameplay compelling? Is it deep and strategic? Will players continue to enjoy for weeks to come, instead of discarding it at the end of the weekend?

“We first look at how fun the core action phase of the game is. It’s easily the most important thing to nail and the most difficult thing for any publisher to help a developer improve,” Titling Point says. “We’re keen on finding developers that have a great eye for user experience and a realistic vision to ensure that players will enjoy the game for many months after installing it.”

But having great developers alone isn’t enough to turn a game into a worldwide hit, and that’s where Titling Point and its own expertise comes in comes in. As the company explains, “We’re challenging the balance of power that traditionally exists between publisher and developer by putting game developers first and championing their independence.”

By design, developers retain every bit of their creative freedom, as well as equity and intellectual property, when working with Tilting Point because the company recognizes that collaboration is best when everyone benefits from each other’s areas of expertise. “Our goal is to assist our partners to the best of our abilities with a comprehensive full-scale publishing solution that adapts to their needs,” TP says. “This culture of mutual respect and collaboration is essential in setting us apart from the pack.”

What’s more, Tilting Point has taken steps to ensure that it succeeds only when its partners succeed, bringing much-needed security to an extremely competitive environment. “We help protect potential pitfalls by bearing all of the expenses of bringing a mobile game to market,” TP explains. “We’ve invested substantially to assemble a future proof combination of tech tools, and talent, available to all our partners for their benefit.”

“No matter the outcome, we’re here to maximize the probability of success for their game and ensure they will live to fight another day (and create another game).”

The mobile market was estimated to be worth over $40 billion in 2016, and is expected to grow to nearly $130 billion by 2020. And for talented developers with new, exciting mobile gaming properties, collaborating with Tilting Point ensures that the next generation of great games will reach the audience they deserve.

Disclaimer: Titling Point has been a client of Power Play since March 2017. Power Play’s principles guide business development efforts at Tilting Point, collaborating with game studios, media brands, and other industry players worldwide, from initial contact to the signing of successful deals.

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